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  • "About a year ago I decided to do Ironman TX. I enter several sprints, an Olympic, and HIM races however I always finished near the bottom of my age group. I began to doubt mys..."
    Leo Bourgeois
    415 lbs Man Caps Transformation with Ironman
  • " "Ben has taken me in a year and a half from novice triathlete to multiple short-course podium finishes and multiple Ironman finishes. He coached me to my first IM time of 11:56..."


For those of you who already have healthy eating habits for your daily intake, but would like guidance on pre, during, & post fueling for workouts. In addition, we will help you with nutritional prep for your next A race- how to prepare/plan your nutrition intake for race day. *3 month minimum time frame to allow for “nutritional training.”

  • 1 hour start-up consultation
  • Contact 1 time each week via emails, text, or phone calls concerning nutritional training
  • Education on sport nutrition products, macronutrient ratios, nutrient timing, hydration, & supplementation, digestive responses to help you devise a plan that will optimize performance according to your individual needs and goals.
  • Discounted metabolic test with Third Coast Training

12 weeks @
$300 for Trifit-XT Members ($100 per month)
$600 for non-members ($200 per month)


A major part of enhancing performance is related to consistently eating a healthy diet that caters to your individual needs.  This plan provides you with tools and knowledge so that you may become your own advocate in developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle. ($600 for 12 weeks)

  • 2 hour start-up consultation
  • Education on macronutrient ratios, hydration, supplementation, digestive responses, reading labels/ingredients
  • Lifestyle change guidance
  • Meal Planning assistance (up to 4 weeks- optional)
  • Grocery shopping assistance (up to 2 trips to local Cypress area grocery store- optional)
  • 1 email or phone call a day (optional)
  • Food intake photos texted each time of consumption (optional)
  • Discounted metabolic test with Third Coast Training

12 weeks @
$900 for Trifit-XT Members ($300 per month)
$1200 for non-members ($400 per month)

Just have a few questions? Sign up for a 1 hour Nutritional Consultation-

$40 for Trifit-XT Members
$80 for non-members

*Please read and sign Disclaimer of Liability before receiving nutrition services

Nutrition Testimony/Philosophy:

If you have a heartbeat, you have struggled with making healthy choices- especially concerning food. Dietary “guidelines” have drastically shifted in a short amount of time, food labels are now more deceiving than ever, and the internet is flooded with conflicting health information. Holy Poo Poo! What the heck IS a healthy diet???

I have been searching for that answer for at least 8 years now. I was forced into caring about what I ate when my heart started beating erratically one morning at the age of 25. It lasted for days and I thought I was going to die- haha (I can laugh now, because I didn’t). But it scared the bajeebeez out of me and I knew something, obviously, was not right. Many of you have probably been discouraged after visiting a specialist only to come home with a bottle of pills and no solution for the source- that was me. I refused to be on pills for the rest of my life- surely there was a better solution and that is when I turned to nutrition.

I began researching nutrition data related to cardiovascular health on the internet. This led me to subscribing to articles and medical news. Before long, books on nutrition became my Amazon consumer staple. I enrolled in the Digestive Intensive course from Holistic Nutrition Lab and got certified in Sports Nutrition through ISSN. Now, for fun, I listen to nutrition podcast while I work out and read as much as I can on anything pertaining to the topic.

*Scrunching up the nose while pushing up the nerd glasses and adjusting the suspenders.

Obsessed- NO! Passionate- VERY! Why? Because I personally have experienced a tremendous difference in wellbeing and have witnessed others do the same by making sustainable lifestyle changes. Does my pea-pickin’ heart beat perfectly all the time- no, but through my journey, I have learned what sets it off of its harmonious rhythm. I have also learned which foods make my heart happy. In addition, I’ve discovered which foods can be mood altering and what kind of meals make me feel lethargic- mentally and physically. I have learned how to dial in Ironman and other endurance race nutrition perfectly. Knowing how to fuel properly during a competition has allowed me to fulfill my potential and pump out the numbers I am physically capable and still finish with a smile!

I have discovered healthy living is all about the journey and discovering what is right for you! And that is what I want to share with others. I want to help others embark on a sustainable, healthy lifestyle transformation by:

  • Learning about food (whole vs processed, ingredients to avoid, etc)
  • Discovering how your body reacts and processes food (physiological & psychological responses)
  • Exploring your individual nutrition needs (assessing symptoms and moods after meals)
  • Developing healthy habits (learning the power of consistency & self-control)
  • Learning how to enjoy meal planning and allow a healthy dose of flexibility. (“Let good enough, be good enough” –Sohee Lee)

Despite the existence of confusing, misleading nutrition information out there- I believe that it is possible to overcome the dark cloud that hangs over our heads about choosing the right foods. Meal planning should be enjoyable. Being flexible within reason is absolutely necessary. If you are willing to make the change, commit, and be as consistent as possible- while still enjoying life, you will experience transformation and be able to stick with it!