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 Marching Band Fitness Training

Empower you programs leadership with one of the most comprehensive programs designed specifically for marching bands!

In many cases, marching band is the only form of physical education (PE) some students will receive throughout high school. By improving the level of fitness of the students, they will be able to march better and more effortlessly- allowing for more energy to be put into the musical aspect of the performance. Trifit-XT has a staff of experienced coaches with top quality credentials in both music, marching and exercise physiology.

Coaches have degrees in Music, Exercise Sports Science and have participated in marching's biggest platform- DCI.  We know the rigors of marching and how to apply relevant exercises to a daily routine to optimize performance.

We have 2 options 

Trifit-XT is currently working with Santa Clara Vangaurd  Drum Bugle Corp to prepare them for the physical demands of pre-tour and competition.  Click HERE for a snap shot of what we do.

Trifit-XT is also involved with High School Marching Bands in the Houston area.  Come mid April 2022 we will be scheduling Fitness Training with schools in the Houston area for pre-season June, July, or August.  If you are interested in Trifit-XT working with your Marching Band to help them prepare for the physical demands of marching season, contact us for more details.