Houston Multisport Coaching

 Marching Band Fitness Training

Trifit-XT has a staff of experienced coaches with top quality credentials in both music, marching and exercise physiology.

Coaches have degrees in Music, Exercise Sports Science and have participated in marching's biggest platform- DCI.  We know the rigors of marching and how to apply relevant exercises to a daily routine to optimize performance.

Trifit-XT is currently working with The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corp and Santa Clara Vangaurd to prepare them for the physical demands of pre-tour and competition.  Click HERE for a snap shot of what we do.

Trifit-XT is also involved with High School Marching Bands in the Houston area.  Come mid April 2018 we will be scheduling Fitness Training with schools in the Houston area for pre-season August 2018.  If you are interested in Trifit-XT working with your Marching Band to help them prepare for the physical demands of marching season, contact us for more details.