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Diet Change- Whole 30

Posted by benproko on October 18, 2012 at 8:10 PM

People who know me well, know that I LOVE FOOD! And though I have always been a “somewhat” “healthy” eater I was not afraid to indulge. Cheese, Chocolate, and French Fries- Yes Please! But a few weeks ago my sister, who has been gluten/dairy free for over a year because of migraines, asked me to do the “Whole30”. This is a Paleo Diet that challenges you to eat nothing but vegetables, meat, fruit and some nuts. No grains or dairy. Nothing with added sugar. I had wanted to try it out ever since I first heard about it during my CrossFit days. I felt like I was already halfway there-so I thought “sure, why not”. My main concern was how this low carb diet would affect my training- especially since I was racing every weekend for the next 6 weeks (great time to start- I know- HA!). I am the spontaneous type and not afraid to jump in and try new things. And after week 3, I am incredibly thankful I gave it a try because I really feel the difference and it is AMAZING! I feel more alert, focused and energized.  But let me tell you- the first two weeks were REALLY ROUGH and here is why:

• Oct. 1st came really fast!!! I did not take enough time to plan my first weeks meals. By the 3rd I was carb depleted and could barely finish a 30 minute Zone 1 (easy) bike!

• Friday, Oct. 5th I was doubting the diet, thinking “I need more carbs” and I cheated by eating a HUGE baked white potato with chicken and butter. Slipped into a food coma shortly after and regretted my cheat! I know better!

• Week #2 I was starting to feel better, however, I was running out of quick recipe ideas and found myself scrounging for calories. I ate a whole box of Larabars in 1 day…twice!

• My friends and colleagues were not the most positive and encouraging. With smug faces and half a lip turned up, they were asking me “why???” Or making statements like “um no, that diet has too many rules,” or “I doubt you will be able to stick with that.”

For those first 2 weeks, I had my doubts. I had negative thoughts such as “I am not sure this is the right diet for me as an endurance athlete.” Or “I just have to make it through this month, then I can go back to eating cheese, cereal, chocolate and skinny mochas.” But I read up more on the diet. Found more scientific sources that validate why this diet is the best out there. I realize more than ever, that food has more of an effect on your health and well being than just exercise and other habits. After 3 weeks, my attitude has completely changed. My cheese, french fry, carb cravings are gone. I have discovered more recipes that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and I look forward to eating more than any other meal before! I feel better, even on my workouts.

All my life I have practiced learning from others mistakes as well as my own. Too often I hear about how poor American’s eating habits are. Every day I see people not caring or thinking twice about the food they consume. I decided to finally stop myself from making excuses and just dive in and make the change. Takes self discipline, but I believe anyone can do it!

Here are some articles that give you more facts that back up the “Whole30”

And for those who need justification for the endurance athlete:

I still allow myself to consume some Hammer Gels, Hammer Whey and Hammer Recoverite.


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Reply Chaya
5:49 PM on May 30, 2014 
I am a 47 yr old woman who started running at 45. I have done 4 half marathons and 2 sprint tris and am training for an olympic. I have been eating on a very precise plan of eating (no sugar, sugar subs, alcohol, flour) for a long time but am very attached to oats and think that i need to get off them and would do better on this type of plan. So I am committing to the whole30 and need to know what i can replace my "starch/grain" servings with. Any sugestions?